The start of my industrial career!!!

It has been a while since I last posted on my blog. That is because I have set the first steps in the direction to becoming a data scientist: in October I started an internship as a data scientist at Metafor Software. At the same time we’re going to apply for the NSERC Industrial R&D Fellowship. If the fellowship is approved, then I will be hired for a full-time position!

Metafor Software specializes in anomaly detection and brought me on to build analytics tools for time-series analysis. The main project I will start to work on in the future are automated monitoring tools. Building unsupervised machine learning tools which are able to distinguish anomolous behavior in time series of… well basically anything: CPU, memory but in general any KPI/business metric you would like to monitor for anomalous behaviour.

Besides the time-series analysis I will also help to develop a cohesiveness algorithm. This tool allows to detect servers who behave abnormal in comparison with the majority of the servers in the cluster. The algorithm takes as input all the data per server (like CPU and memory) and then automatically detects which server is acting out of whack in comparison with the overall performance of the cluster. So pretty soon I’ll be doing some happy machine learning!