Thank you for coming to this site. I recently completed my PhD in mathematics from the University of British Columbia, Canada. My education is in (applied) mathematics focusing on statistics, probability and modeling.

I love turning data into actionable information by using Statistics, Probability Theory and IT tools. I am constantly enlarging my toolbox and am especially excited about Machine Learning and the accompanying tools (R, Python, SQL, etc..). Want to start a career in data science to combine my statistical, probabilistic, programming and problem solving skills.

Please contact me if you are looking for a fast learner, a team player who can work independently and a multi-tasker who excels in a fast-paced environment.


  • Graduate degree in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (focus on mathematical modeling, statistics, probability theory and computer science)
  • Experience with statistical data-analysis, data-visualization, predictive modelling and version control (SVN, GIT).
  • Created visualization and simulation software (Java, C#, object-oriented design, HTML, CSS, PHP), partly on a LAMP stack.
  • Communication: extensive experience presenting to groups of 5 up to 80 people. Coursework in presentation and technical report writing skills. Trained and evaluated graduate students in workshop facilitation.

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